What A Summer

It's been another fantastic summer here at Gentle Giants. Not only have we been having to turn 2 or more people away on a daily basis for their moves, we have really been struggling to fit in the huge increase in demand for even quotations. It certainly has been a fantastic summer!

Reports in the papers and online say that house prices are increasing and we could finally be looking to the end of the property market crash. However, that being said there are still almost two million families that cannot afford to get onto the housing ladders they cannot save enough for the deposit. Despite the governments Help to Buy scheme these families are facing a lifetime of renting. There are calls for more money to be invested (£12 billion to be precise) to build new shared ownership homes so that some of these families can finally get on the property ladder.

Is this the answer though? Why is it so hard for some people to afford to save for a deposit? Everybody seems to have an opinion. Truth is that there is no sure-fire single reason why so many are in this situation. To the same extent there is not going to be one sure-fire way of fixing the problem.

There's not going to be an offer of a solution in this post, sorry to disappoint but that is one problem I haven't got time to even think about 'solving'!

We are currently recruiting for more full time professional removal men/women to join our family. Summer has seen the removal industry go up a level across the country. With the housing market showing signs of getting back on track I think 2014 will be the biggest year ever here at Gentle Giants.

Look out for our next blog post coming soon.

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