Dealing with Last Minute Removals

Being involved in the housing market on a daily basis, talking to and dealing with customers waiting on those all important dates we have to deal with the same problem day in and day out and see how frustrating moving house is for customers - especially last minute moves!

You may find yourself in a position where you can't book the removal company as you don't know when you are completing on the house sale and you can't agree to a completion date as you don't have dates booked with the removal company.

Removal companies can really only work to confirmed bookings or dates. It doesn't matter where you are in the UK or if you are moving overseas all removal companies need firm dates. If you decide to use a removal company and accept their quotation but have no dates you cannot ask them to 'pencil in' a date. If you do say this and they don't clarify the situation you could be setting yourself up for a fall. We get asked all of the time to 'pencil a date in' however it is impossible for a removal company with hundreds of customers all looking to move soon, to hold a date which in all reality is a date that a dozen customers could all want. or the new website When looking for a local removal company that can move you at late notice it is wise to ask them questions about their staff and how they operate as a company. Just because you are rushed don't accept a quality of service that you won't be happy with.

If you haven't had any personal recommendations then try looking at which is an independent website that allows the customers of removal companies to review their experience of the company. If you really can't find a removal company the next option is self-drive van hire. Look for a 3.5 tonne self-drive hire Luton van as a good point to start. If you have experience driving a 7.5 tonne lorry and have the appropriate licence and you feel this is needed then great. Otherwise stick with a 3.5 tonne. You may have to do a few trips but at this stage, this is your only option. To help ease the burden on the move day if you are doing it yourself, have a read of the following bits of advice:

  1. On the move day it is 'all hands to the pump' but only 'hands' that will help! Get pets, children and those unable to help with the move looked after until after the move.
  2. Ask the vendor if you are allowed access to an area of the garden or garage ahead of the move day to bring over some items. Obviously this is rarely acceptable and only advisable if you are happy to put yours property there (remember: if the house sale falls through you will have to go and get those items back).
  3. Ask a friend or neighbour if you can utilise their garage space or garden to remove your outside/garage items ahead of move day. The relocation of such items ahead of move day will save you valuable time and lorry space.
  4. When you pack your personal effects and furniture ahead of the move use the opportunity to have a 'spring clean' and de-clutter. All of those old seldom used bits in lofts and at the back of cupboards: if you can afford to lose them then bin them. This will save you more time and space.
  5. When loading the lorry do not load room by room. This may seem logical but it will again waste space on the lorry.
  6. You should look to hire the lorry for at least two days if not three. Pick it up the day before the move and pre-load it with as much as possible. By the end of the day you should know if it will all fit on or if you need to do two runs or if you need to hire another vehicle. Day 1 pre-load the lorry, day 2 pack the rest and move to your new home and unload it all, day 3 finish the unload and/or pick up those items you left at a friends and then return the lorry.

The best way to avoid all of this? Keep in regular contact with your chosen removal company. We urge our customers who are waiting to confirm their move date to phone us as much as possible to check on availability. If you really are confused or scared by the thought of moving then give us a ring for some free, useful and impartial advice. We are more than happy to help and would gladly take time to answer any questions you might have about moving house whether you are in Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Sussex, London or anywhere in the world for that matter.

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