De-Clutter Service

If you live in Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey or West Sussex and are planning to put your home on the market, why not take advantage of our brilliant de-clutter service to give your property the edge over the competition?

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De-clutter service

It's amazing how much we accumulate over the years, but when it comes to selling your house less is definitely more. A cluttered home can appear smaller and disorganised, whilst it also makes it harder for potential buyers to picture how it might look with their possessions in place.

What's more, your home may be in good condition and well built, yet even slight clutter will create a perception of neglect, with more to fix than meets the eye. This perception undermines your home's market value.

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Considering renting or holiday letting?

Anyone considering renting their property or marketing it as a holiday let should also consider a de-clutter. Long-term rentals and holiday homes that are clean and uncluttered are more likely to receive higher rental yields.

If you're thinking about making an income from your home via Airbnb, our declutter service is the perfect way to get the house ready. Storing personal items like photos, clothes and toiletries not only gives you peace of mind but will also improve your reviews and increase the chances of future bookings.

To help create the perception of space and light, we offer a de-cluttering service that will help you sell your home quickly. By taking away lesser used items of furniture and non-essentials, your home will present to it's best potential, increasing viewings and improving the chances of a quick sale.


How our de-clutter service works

  • We help you remove unused and unrequired items from your home
  • We store them in our safe and secure storage until you sell your home
  • We deliver your items to your new address or back to your existing home when you are ready for them

For more information and to book in your de-clutter, call us on 01420 475800.

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