What Not to Forget When you Move House

They say moving house is one of, if not the most stressful times in a person's life. Employing the services of a removal company to relocate you to your new home will without a doubt remove a great deal of that stress - providing the company you choose is a reputable and decent.

You can get a removal company in for pretty much any size of move. From needing someone to relocate your piano or move it into a different room to exporting antiques and fine art to a full blown house move the main thing is to make sure you are happy to with your choice of Removal Company.

As with anything in life recommendations go a long way. Well ahead of your move do your research. Do not leave it until the last minute. Moving house is one of the single most expensive and important times in your life. As with any big event, like a holiday or wedding, it is best to plan in advance. Speak to friends or your trusted estate agent if they have any experience and recommendations for a company to use. Of course cost does play a part in decision making when purchasing goods or services but don't let it be the only deciding factor. Once you are happy with your choice of remover and have discussed potential dates with them, remember to stay in touch with them. We would rather a customer calls us every day to check on availability than wait until they have exchanged and call us only to find those dates are no longer available.

Prior to your move start clearing out unwanted items and start to run down your frozen items (a house move is a good opportunity to defrost and clean your fridge and freezer). Plan your pet and childcare arrangements. Moving house with a cat or a dog or small children can be stressful and upsetting for them.

Next up you need to start thinking about your utilities. You may choose to simply transfer them over by updating your address details with your suppliers. This is a good time to look at getting a new supplier who may be able to offer you a better service and rate. Think about gas, water, electric, phone, TV, phone and internet services.

Start compiling a list of all companies, people and organisations that have you will need to notify your change of address. There is more than you might think. Refer to our guide online here for some ideas. You're getting close to the big day now, a few days to go. Time to clean out that fridge and freezer (especially important if you are coming into storage) and cancel and orders or regular deliveries you have to your old address.

Start gathering all important documents and items you might want or need close to hand. Watches, jewellery, coins and stamps for example are not covered by Removers General Insurance. Passports, house sale documents, keys and valuables, put in a case and put it to one side with other essential items like the kettle and tea cups! When you get to your new home and are surrounded by boxes the last thing you want to do is root around for your bed linen or the TV controls! The crew will put you TV in place and the beds. It is wise to gather together bed linen and TV bits so you can make beds if you want sit down and watch TV. Some people may also want to keep an eye on where the bottle opener is too!

On the move day, do not forget to do your meeting readings as you do not want to be charged for anything you do not use once you have left the house. Once everything is loaded do a final walk around with the removal crew to make sure you and they are happy that everything has been loaded and nothing has been missed. Make sure your removal crew have your mobile number and vice versa.

When you are at your new property there will be the urge to enjoy your new home and garden or start unpacking but do not forget that there is a lorry full of your personal effects and furniture which is being unloaded. To make for an easier unload and to ensure everything is put into the rooms you want, the best bit of advice is to be close at hand so that when the men carry items in off the lorry you can direct them into the correct room. When they have finished unloading and re-assembling they will remove any waste materials but do not forget to contact the office after a few days once you have unpacked to arrange a time for your empty boxes to be collected.

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