Moving House, Stress Free!

Everyone knows, just what a stressful time moving house is. Not the actual physical move itself but the whole process leading up to it. It is very true that it is one of the most stressful times in a persons life (according to some people up there with divorce!). So how do you minimise the stress?

Unfortunately until the process by which houses are put up for sale, put under offer and eventually sold is changed then that degree of stress is not going to change and I cannot offer any real advice on simplifying that part of the process. The actual physical move itself though there a few things that should help.

First and foremost; get a professional removal company in to do it for you! Yes it will cost money during any already expensive process but if you budget for this from the outset it will help.

Do not put finding a reliable Removal Company and an acceptable quotation low down on your list of priorities. The sooner you can find out what is involved, meet the company and get a quote, the sooner you will know what the cost will be. Your chosen company will also advise you on how to deal with the problem of when to book them based on your exchange of contracts.

When choosing a company, don’t just be swayed by a cheap quotation. First and foremost use a British Association of Removers (BAR) registered Remover. Unlike other Guild organisations you cannot simply buy your way into the BAR, you have to meet certain operating standards, adhere to strict protocol and maintain the standards of service they lay out. By using a BAR company you also have peace of mind with an advance payment protection guarantee.

Everyone knows moving house is expensive. You can pay out thousands in fees before you even know you are going to have a successful sale. Budget for your move. It is such an important time in your life that you want to make sure the actual move is handled correctly.

Well before the move – before you even have the state agent around to take sales photos - have a thorough de-clutter. Throw away all long-forgotten unused clothes, toys, books, DVD’s and anything else which will not only make you house look better for the sales photos but reduce the cost of the move and also leave you in your new home with only items you actually want.

Whilst you de-clutter your house, why not ask you remover if they can offer a de-clutter storage service. If you have an unused but furnished room, ask for a quote to have all unused items of furniture put into storage. Again, not only will this give your house a greater sense of space (very important when trying to sell!) but the remover may be able to offer a discount if you use them to store these items AND carry out your move.

The moving process is stressful. The day of the actual move doesn’t need to be. If you have young children it might pay to have them stay with friends for the day before and the move day itself. Then when you are in, they can come back and see their new rooms. Very exciting for them and one less stress for you for the day. Dogs too, if you can have a neighbour/friend look after them, it will be a great help. Read our blog on how to move house with a cat; that takes a little more thought and planning.

The move day will be busy enough with the removal team asking you were they are to put items as they unload. THAT WILL TAKE UP A LOT OF YOUR TIME! Avoid booking other services for that day too if you can. Having TV /aerial technicians in or the phone company, carpet fitters etc. will not only make the unload very difficult for the team, it will also add so much stress to your day you will wish you had just waited.

Talk to your removal team at your old house about your priority items: items that without a doubt you will want to be able to get your hands on and use at your new property straight away. Things such as kettle, basic pans and crockery, sofa, beds or toiletries. Once they have left you in your new home and you need a break from the unpacking, you will want to be able to sit or lay down or maybe even grab the cork-screw!

Above all else, remember; pick a company that you feel comfortable with, that you know have the experience, reputation and ability to take the stress out of the day. This is too important an event to not demand and book the best!

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