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Airbnb service

Airbnb has changed the holiday let market irreversibly and now, anyone with a property that might be suitable for use as holiday or short break accommodation has the opportunity to make an extra income from their home. We're making the transition to holiday letting even easier with our brilliant pack, remove and store Airbnb service.

From the New Forest to the Isle of Wight and throughout Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex, there are a host of desirable cities like Winchester, Southampton and Portsmouth. Airbnb’s are also great for business trips, wedding accommodation and temporary work placements.

Smaller towns like Farnham, Churt, Hindhead, Grayshott, Alton and Headley are in steady demand for good quality short term rental accommodation for weekend visitors and workers due to their proximity to the A3, M3, London rail routes and the South Coast. The area is also a popular choice for TV and movie production with notable destinations like Bourne Woods and Frensham Ponds.

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Why choose Airbnb?

Airbnb offers homeowners the chance to make a great additional income from renting out their homes or even just one bedroom. Airbnb rates in Hampshire and Surrey can start at £50 per night for a modest room in a house to more than a £1,000 per night for a large family home. Typically, most hosts charge between £150-£450 per night, depending on the size of the property and the time of year.

Airbnb puts you in control of your rental, allowing you to manage availability and determine your own pricing. Of course, if that seems too much responsibility there are number of holiday accommodation providers that can do the bulk of the work for you at a higher commission.

Airbnb service

But what about all of your stuff?

That’s where we come in. Gentle Giants can help you get your house Airbnb ready by assisting in the packing and removal of items that you wouldn’t want in your house when guests are staying. From clothes, bedding and antiques to photographs, food and the wine collection, our professional packers will help remove your precious belongings and take them away to our safe and secure Hampshire based storage facility until such time as you want them back.

Our brilliant Airbnb removal service takes all of the stress out of renting your home and is absolutely perfect if you decide to market your property for the 3 week Easter holiday period, the school summer holidays or even the entire winter.

Top tips for first time Airbnb

An industry expert told us that the biggest cause for complaints in holiday rentals is a lack of cleanliness. Hire a professional or turn up elbow grease, either way making your home spotless before guests arrive is a sure way to get the right first impression.
Nobody wants find someone else's clothes stuffed inside bedroom drawers or a selection of old toothbrushes in the bathroom. Clear out the clutter in your home and remove as many of your personal items as possible.
Guests choose AirBnB for the authentic home experience. Welcome them to the area, share your favourite places to eat and visit. Make them feel like a local and they'll be sure to have a great stay.
After cleanliness, one of the most common reasons for a negative review is an uncomfortable bed! Investing in great mattresses and lovely soft bedding and towels won't just improve your own lives, it will leave a lasting impression on your guests as well.
Emphasise what makes your home special. Little touches like picked wild flowers, locally made mugs, an old record player or vintage board games will really help make your property stick in the memory of visitors.
What's the first thing an Englishman does after a long journey? He puts the kettle on. Be sure to provide a healthy stock of essentials and fresh milk for new guests. Added touches like local cheeses, chutneys and a bottle of wine will all be well received.
One of the biggest causes for disappointment in the world of holiday letting is the gap between expectations and observations. Be honest in your property description, exaggerations or the failure to inform guests about building work or a tiny box room will only set things off on the wrong foot.
Whilst 9 times out of 10, guests will come and go without issue, we always recommend having a contingency plan in place should anything go wrong. Have a local handyman on call and plumbers and electricians on speed dial should the boiler pack up or the kitchen spring a leak. Sometimes things will happen that are out of your control, it's how you deal with them that your guests will remember.


The price table below shows our prices to collect and ongoing storage per week. All prices subject to VAT.

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5 mile radius 10 mile radius 15 mile radius
Volume Collection Storage
(per week)
Collection Storage
(per week)
Collection Storage
(per week)
250CuFt £100 £15 £150 £15 £200 £15
500CuFt £200 £30 £250 £30 £300 £30
750-1000CuFt £300 £45 £350 £45 £450 £45

Renting your property on Airbnb can be great fun and really rewarding experience, sharing the journey with Gentle Giants will make it even easier. Call us today on 01420 475800 to get started.

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