September Already!

September already; how did that happen?! The year may be two thirds through already but what a year it has been. I know 2012 was memorable for the UK for a number of reasons but from our point of view 2013 beats it hands down!

Record breaking temperatures have been fun for those sat in the garden or on the beach [not so good for the hard working Gentle Giants crews that sweated their own body weight making sure people got into the new homes!]

The housing market does look like it is showing signs of improving on a national level but here at GG we have without a doubt seen another huge rise on the previous year in terms of enquiries, recommendations, requests and jobs booked [not to mention jobs turned away because we have been too busy!]. August was crazy but we all love it here. The buzz of working in the Removals industry is like nothing else. Every day is so different. We meet new, lovely people every day. We get to know them, we help them through their move process. The floods of letters of praise that come through on email and by post really does make it all worthwhile.

It's also been a record year for our sister company Rental Giants Self-Drive Van Hire. The volume of enquiries and bookings has far exceeded 2012. Rental Giants is expanding, the fleet is growing and we still struggle to keep up with demand!

At Gentle Giants we are recruiting again; for professional, experienced removal men or women to join our team. It's exciting times here at GG.

So far so brilliant for 2013 and I know that the last 4 months are only going to get better still!

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