3-4 Bedroom House Kit Mover Pack


Don’t let the prospect of packing up your 3 or 4 bedroom property get you down. Our 3-4 bedroom house mover kit contains everything you need to pack away your home safely and securely. With an assortment of boxes, packing paper and bubble wrap as well as all the accessories you could need, this complete moving pack will put you in control of the job ahead.

Included in our 3-4 bedroom mover pack are 15 x small moving boxes, 30 x standard sized moving boxes, 2 x large boxes, 2 huge wardrobe boxes, 3 packs of packing paper, a roll of bubble wrap, 4 rolls of packing tape, a tape dispenser, moving gloves and marker pens.

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Our tip: Go easy with the bigger boxes and resist the temptation to fill them with heavy items or they’ll end up being to heavy to shift and more likely to split.

3-4 Bed House Kit Mover Pack
Small moving boxes
34 x 46 x 34cm
x 15
Standard moving boxes
46 x 46 x 52cm
x 30
Large moving boxes
46 x 46 x 91cm
x 2
Wardrobe cartons
51 x 46 x 125cm
x 4
White packing paper packs
51 x 74cm
x 3
Bubble wrap rolls
500mm x 10m
x 1
Removal tape rolls
50mm x 66m
x 4
Tape dispensers
x 1
Pairs of gloves
x 2
Marker pens
x 2

* these numbers above are for individual items (not multipacks, i.e 10 boxes not 10 packs of 10).