Flat Kit Mover Pack


If you’re moving from a one bedroom house or flat then our basic mover pack will give you a great head start on your packing needs.

With 5 x small moving boxes, 5 x standard sized moving boxes, a huge wardrobe box , 500 sheets of packing paper and a pack of marker pens, this moving pack offers enough storage and padding to pack away an average one bedroom property safely and efficiently.

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Our tip: Don’t forget to stock up on a few rolls of strong packing tape, while a tape dispenser can save a lot of time and stress when it comes to sealing your boxes.

Flat Kit Mover Pack
Small moving boxes
34 x 46 x 34cm
x 5
Standard moving boxes
46 x 46 x 52cm
x 5
Wardrobe cartons
51 x 46 x 125cm
x 1
White packing paper packs
51 x 74cm
x 1
Marker pens
x 1

* these numbers above are for individual items (not multipacks, i.e 10 boxes not 10 packs of 10).