Wardrobe Box with Hanging Rail


These crease-saving, double wall cardboard wardrobe boxes are designed specifically for carrying clothes. With a closing door and a top that can be sealed for extra protection, they feature a heavy-duty plastic rail to hold even the heaviest garments such as coats and suits.

There is space at the bottom for storing shoes, hats and handbags as well, meaning just two of these wardrobe moving boxes is enough to pack the contents of a whole single wardrobe.

Made of reinforced double-wall corrugated cardboard these wardrobe cartons provide a total internal hanging width of 45cm for your garments.

Wardrobe Box dimensions: 51 x 45 x 125cm

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Our Tip: These sturdy moving boxes are made specifically for hanging clothes in, so why not make the most of them and put them in the loft to store your winter outfits during the summer, then swap over with your summer dresses or lighter suits in the winter.