Plastic Carpet Protector (600mm x 100m)


Carpets probably never see as much as action as they do on the day of a house move, so whether you want to protect the carpets in your existing house to save on cleaning, or to avoid scuffing up your new carpets, this roll of self-adhesive carpet protector is another moving essential.

Suitable for any carpet, one roll of our plastic carpet protector offers 100 metres of self-adhesive walkway that will keep your carpets clean no matter how many trips the removal team have to make.

600mm x 100m

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Our carpet protection film couldn’t be easier to install yet will save you both time and money when it comes to keeping your carpets muck free, especially if you wake up to rain on moving day.

Our tip: If you don’t use up your whole roll, be sure to keep hold of what’s left as our these useful carpet protectors are also invaluable when you’re having building work done in the new home.