Heavy duty black bags (200 pack)


Whether you’re clearing out the things you no longer need or bagging up what you want to keep, a roll of heavy duty black bin bags is an essential addition to your packing kit.

These industrial strength black sacks are perfect for stuffing with clothes, soft toys, duvets, towels and bed linen. Unlike standard black bin bags, they won’t split easily so there’s no risk of that lovely white bedding falling onto the floor during the moving process.

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Moving house is also a great time for having a good sort and clear out, making these heavy duty bin bags invaluable when it comes to loading up unwanted clutter that’s destined for the tip.

Our tip: There’s plenty of life in these strong black sacks so be sure to keep hold of them after you’ve unpacked as you’re bound to be surprised at how often they come in useful – especially if you have big plans for your new home.