Guide: International Removals to Canada

How long will it take?

Duty free entry is granted providing: you are taking up residency and have owned and used the effects immediately prior to the removal from the UK; you are a returning Canadian and have been away from the country for over 12 months. All new items or single items with a value over $10,000 will be subject to duty calculated on their value. Proof of purchase will be required.

When all goods have been packed the client will be given a copy of the packing list, this must be presented upon their arrival at the airport. To effect customs clearance the importer must attend a meeting with local customs where he will be required to present his passport and complete customs forms in order to claim duty free entry, there can be no exception to this rule.

All household and personal effects entering Canada are subject to physical examination by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA.) All items which may have come into contact with soil and vegetation such as gardening equipment; bicycles; patio furniture; footwear; golf clubs; vacuum cleaner bags etc. will be inspected. All such items should be thoroughly cleaned prior to move day although extra cleaning costs may still be incurred upon inspection.

Required documentation for household goods only:

  • Original Passport
  • Inventory or packing list (completed by packing crew)
  • B4E declaration form (supplied at airport upon arrival)

Can I bring a car?

Used or second-hand vehicles other than current-year manufacture are generally prohibited from importation. There are some exceptions so for further information we suggest you contact Transport Canada Vehicle Importation. Duties will be payable.

Transport Canada Vehicle Importation
13th Floor Canada Building, 344 Slater St, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A ONS,
Tel: (+1) 613 998 2508

What you can and can't take with you

We advise against taking any kind of food or beverage into Canada. Alcohol may be imported with a licence from the Provincial Liquor Control Board and duties will be payable. The licence must be obtained prior to entry. Importation of firearms is also not advisable. A licence must be applied for and obtained from the Canadian Authorities prior to shipping, otherwise importation is strictly prohibited.

Additional Information


The electrical supply in Canada is 100 volts. Domestic appliances from the UK will not work/operate in Canada without a transformer.

The Broadcasting system in Canada is not compatible with the system in the UK, and therefore televisions, DVD players and video recorders will not function in Canada.


- 4 hours in Halifax
- 5 hours in Toronto
- 6 hours in Winnepeg
- 7 hours in Edmonton
- 8 hours in Vancouver

Country Dialling code

International Dialling Codes: +1 (followed by local code - 604 for Vancouver, 416 for Toronto, 613 for Ottawa, 902 for Halifax)

To discuss your international removal to Canada, contact our team on:

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